Cellular-Level Health for Metabolic Results


"There is a Scientific Approach to Health
at the Cellular Level
that yields Amazing Metabolic Results!"


Metabolic Results...
...means increasing cellular energy to:

  • Control Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance
  • Experience Physical Energy & Vitality
  • Optimize your Aerobic Exercise Protocol
  • Live the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle
  • Promote Anti-Aging & Longevity
  • Lower Risk Factors for Age-Related Diseases
  • Improve Athletic Performance & Endurance

Improving cellular energy production is an important strategy to realize your health goals.

Optimize Cellular Energy...
for Optimum Health.


The key to cellular energy is enhancing your cells’ mitochondrial function... which is true health at the most fundamental level.

At Holleman Biophysics, we are cellular energy specialists. We design individualized plans to improve energy at the cellular level by scientifically optimizing your mitochondrial function through individually designed:

  1. nutrition,
  2. exercise, and
  3. targeted supplementation

Why Cellular Energy is Important

When you improve your energy production at the cellular level, you expand the energy your body needs for all vital processes. Here’s why… Cellular energy is required for far more than just the mechanical work of muscle contracting for movement and exercise. It also is the key to other essential physiological functions such as:

  • Immune System
  • Organ Detoxification
  • Nerve Impulse Generation
  • Digestion
  • Respiratory & Cardiovascular activity
  • Cellular Replication & Growth
  • DNA & RNA synthesis
  • Cell Structure
  • Cell Membrane Integrity
  • Molecular Transport across cell membranes
  • Intra-cellular Signaling
  • Synthesis of thousands of macro-molecules needed by the cell

When you improve your cellular energy, you are on your way to improving every cell of your body
...and ready for life-changing metabolic results.


Services for Metabolic Results

Ketogenic Diet Consult

Get metabolic results from
a customized Ketogenic Diet
that incorporates the latest research
on effective low carbohydrate intake.

It is simple and easy for:

  • Immediate & safe weight loss
  • Anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Lower blood sugar & insulin levels
  • Normalized cholesterol
    & triglycerides
  • Increased mental clarity/focus
  • Lower risk factors for heart disease & other age-related diseases



Metabolic Health Testing

Get metabolic results from
measuring the parameters that optimize your nutrition, exercise, and metabolic supplements to improve cellular energy.

Discover your:

  • Mitochondrial health status
  • Cellular energy production
  • Weight loss plateau breakthrough
  • Heart rates for optimum exercise
  • Energy cofactor deficiencies
  • Longevity metrics
  • Rate of metabolic aging


Patient Advocate Consult

Get the most from your existing wellness professionals by better understanding cellular health topics important to know.

We complement the relationship you already have with your existing medical or fitness professional by coaching you on relevant metabolic health topics and helping to identify the right questions
to ask.

A better informed healthcare consumer gets better medical outcomes from their healthcare professional.


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