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“Health in the cellular domain
is the foundation for wellness.

...Molecular processes for energy production are at the heart of cellular health.”

Holleman Biophysics

Holleman Biophysics promotes cellular level health by focusing on the most promising metabolic research and innovations to increase cellular energy with verification by measurement. There has been a resurgence of interest in the scientific community, in recent years, for considering the metabolic paradigm as an important path to health. Cellular energy production lies at the center of this renewed interest.

Cellular energy production is primarily a molecular process. That’s why understanding biophysics opens the door to new and productive insights for cellular health. While traditional health perspectives concentrate on a chemical reaction model for the body and the cell, biophysics concentrates on an alternative but complementary energy model. Energy dynamics dictate at the molecular level all chemical reactions which govern our biological processes.

Frank Holleman, Ph.D. Managing Director Holleman Biophysics

Frank Holleman, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Holleman Biophysics


Frank Holleman is the founder and managing director of Holleman Biophysics.

Holleman holds a Ph.D. in Physics (Atomic & Molecular - Georgia Institute of Technology). As a result of being a cancer survivor, he has turned his research focus to molecular biology to find better ways to improve health at the cellular level.





My health journey story - Dr. Frank

My health journey story - Dr. Frank

A Health Journey of Discovery

My health journey began with the unfortunate medical diagnosis of cancer. After surgery, recovery, post-surgery treatment regimen, prayer, and faith in God, I am now a cancer survivor! Surely, a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event… which in my case literally changed the course of my life.

Holleman Biophysics was created to make available the best health and wellness strategies I personally use to stay healthy. These strategies are effective, repeatable, and measurable for improving health at the cellular level to support a wide range of diverse health goals.

My brief story here is not only a testimony to my own pursuit of health and fitness, but also a message of hope to others that seek to be truly healthy for whatever their own motivation. The story begins with an important question that demanded an answer...


An Unanswered Question

Along the way to cancer recovery, it became apparent that surgery was necessary, in my case, to remove the visible cancer that was an immediate threat. In addition, the post-surgery natural treatments I was undergoing were also necessary to eliminate the microscopic cancer that was measured to still be circulating throughout my body.

I then began to reason, that if what caused my cancer in the first place was not resolved, and in fact resolved at the cellular level, there would remain a chance of a new and different cancer developing, as had resulted with the first diagnosis. It was this thinking that became my motivation to seek answers for how to reduce my risk of having to go through another cancer ordeal again.

Unfortunately, the only answers to be found for reducing cancer risk were:  1) continue to get regular scans for early detection, 2) eat right for prevention, 3) exercise for better fitness, 4) reduce stress, and then just hope for the best.

Although these answers were valid, they did not satisfy.

First, conventional scans would detect cancer only when large enough to be visible (approximately 2 cm in diameter) which in my particular case could take years of new growth to be detected. Although there can be cancer markers that can be monitored in the blood in many cases, their reliability varies and they remain reactive in nature... still not proactive enough for what I was seeking.

Second, there was no way to actually measure that the dietary and exercise lifestyle changes I was making were the right ones, and whether or not they were making any difference ongoing to reduce risk.

I sought measurable risk reduction which is even more proactive than early detection.


Healthy mitochondria are key to cellular energy

Healthy mitochondria are key to cellular energy

Key Healing Insight Revealed

Researching further, I found a solution to the risk measurement issue. The answer was found in Otto Warburg’s M.D. Nobel Prize winning discoveries (circa 1931) which pointed to the metabolic origins of cancer.

The celebrated "Warburg Effect" that Dr. Warburg discovered showed that cancer cells prefer anaerobic (without oxygen) energy production even in the presence of oxygen. This suggested that mitochondrial decline was a root cause of cancer of the cell.

Decades later, after the discovery of the DNA molecule, it was further hypothesized that mitochondrial decline over time can result in enough accumulating cellular damage to activate the genetic aspects of cancer. That is, mitochondrial decline can eventually become an epigenetic trigger for cancer… Thus, furthering the theory for the metabolic origin of age-related diseases.

With this new insight came the realization that if mitochondrial function could be measured, it would provide a way for me to assess my risk ongoing. Furthermore, I would also be able to measure the effectiveness of the necessary lifestyle changes I was making to my diet, supplements, and exercise regime.


Breakthrough analysis of metabolic parameters

Breakthrough analysis of metabolic parameters

Mitochondrial Measurement Discovery

Fortunately, there is a way to scientifically measure mitochondrial function non-invasively (i.e., not a blood test) using well established techniques of indirect calorimetry (inhale/exhale gas analysis).  Researching further, I developed a proprietary way to analyze the calorimetry measurements I was making on myself to assess my cellular energy production.

This analysis breakthrough allowed me to gauge my own mitochondrial health, assess reduction in disease risk factors, and measure the effectiveness of the lifestyle changes I was making.

I call this discovery, Metabolic Health Testing. It has helped me personally to make progress with my own health goals in ways that are specifically measurable. The measureability factor is important, because if you can't measure, you can't know if what you are doing is working or not.


Metabolic Testing Now Available

Metabolic testing reveals how efficiently your mitochondria are producing energy

Metabolic testing reveals how efficiently your mitochondria are producing energy

I have used Metabolic Health Testing to 1) identify any modifications to diet needed, 2) to determine the optimal aerobic exercise protocol (based on measured heart rates) I need to follow, 3) to monitor the progress due to my efforts with diet and exercise, and 4) to determine any energy production cofactors that I needed to supplement due to metabolic deficiency. As a result, I am improving my cellular energy production and continually moving towards better cellular health.

Your metabolic parameters can now be assessed and monitored too! Metabolic Health Testing is now available at Holleman Biophysics.

The test is simple and easy. It measures mitochondrial function indirectly through oxygen utilization calculations resulting from gas measurements from the breath under rest and exercise conditions.

Metabolic Health Testing is relevant for designing individualized strategies that are effective for:                                                                

  • Weight Loss / Weight Management,

  • Physical Energy & Vitality,

  • Anti-Aging & Longevity,

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Nutrition,

  • Optimal Aerobic Fitness,

  • Athletic Performance & Endurance


An Effective Metabolic Diet   

Healthy fats are featured in our Ketogenic Diet

Healthy fats are featured in our Ketogenic Diet

Holleman Biophysics offers a tailored Ketogenic Diet plan that is another metabolic way to improve mitochondrial function. This particular version of the Ketogenic Diet is informed by the latest available research on low carbohydrate nutrition. The diet is both practical and effective.

I follow this Ketogenic Diet myself to keep my blood sugar and insulin levels low and steady. This is a proven anti-inflammatory way to eat that supports efficient cellular energy production.

The Ketogenic Diet yields metabolic results for:

  • Weight Loss / Weight Management

  • Physical Energy & Vitality

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Nutrition

  • Lowering Metabolic related Risk Factors


Optimized Metabolic Lifestyle   

I now have the peace of mind that the exercise and diet plans I follow are producing desired metabolic results… and I have the testing measurements to prove it!  As a result, I know that I am improving my health at the cellular level.

You can have this peace of mind too. The breakthrough health progress that I have had is now available to you, to hasten your health goals.

Dr. Frank

Franklin B. Holleman, Ph.D.
Founding / Managing Director
Holleman Biophysics