"The Ketogenic Diet
Optimizes Your Fuel
for Cellular Energy Production"


Holleman Biophysics offers an individually designed Ketogenic Diet plan which is informed by the latest research on low carbohydrate intake, that is both safe and effective. In addition to providing a personalized Ketogenic Diet plan, the consult also includes instruction on what you need to know to successfully implement it as a daily healthy lifestyle.


Keto Health Benefits

The benefits of the Ketogenic Diet are many and life changing in scope… they includes:

  • Weight loss (by reducing existing fat storage)
  • Makes total calorie restriction practical and easy
  • Reduces leptin resistance (reduces hunger)
  • Helps keep blood glucose levels low
  • Helps reduce insulin resistance (increases insulin sensitivity for less fat storage)
  • Helps manage cholesterol (by reducing long term blood sugar): 
    • increases HDL - good cholesterol
    • decreases LDL - bad cholesterol
    • decreases harmful circulating triglycerides
  • Reduces overall inflammation
  • May help normalize blood pressure


More than Weight Management

The Ketogenic Diet is important for far more than just Weight Loss and Weight Management… it is an effective nutritional lifestyle that long-term is:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Helps reduce Insulin Resistance

Together, reducing Inflammation and Insulin Resistance are significant contributors to both:

  1. Promoting Longevity & Anti-Aging
  2. Reducing cellular oxidative damage that reduces risk factors for age-related diseases


Your Ketogenic Diet

Your diet plan will provide threshold values for the key dietary parameters important for achieving great metabolic results… specifically:

  1. Maximum daily Carbohydrate intake
  2. Maximum daily Protein intake
  3. Healthy Fats intake
  4. Daily Total Calorie threshold

During the consult, we’ll show you the easy way to monitor you macronutrient totals (carbs, proteins, and fat intake) throughout the day so that keeping a daily count becomes effortless. This point is important because keeping macronutrient tracking simple is essential to making the plan practical. We'll also show how staying within your Total Daily Calorie Threshold can be easy by eliminating a constant sense of being hungry.

In order to achieve impressive metabolic results that the Ketogenic Diet offers, you will learn what you need to know to properly implement the diet so you avoid the many pitfalls often encountered initially.

When implemented properly, the Ketogenic Diet is effective, easy, and yields quick and lasting results.


Discover the Ketogenic Diet Advantage

Call Holleman Biophysics today at 770-734-0226 to set up an appointment to get started. Ketogenic Diet Consult - 90 minutes $200

Prior to your consultation appointment, we will gather pertinent information from you in order to prepare your personalized report. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This consultation is available in-office or remotely online; please let our office know ahead of time which option is best for you.

IMPORTANT:  The ketogenic diet is NOT approved for use by clients with Type 1 diabetes.