"Metabolic Health Testing
Measures & Assesses
Mitochondrial Health."


Metabolic Health Testing gives unique insights into how efficiently your body is producing energy at the cellular level. This is a completely non-evasive test (only a breath analysis test - no blood draw) comprised of two phases:

1. Rest Test (approx. 30 min), and

2. Exercise Test (approx. 5-10 min)

Holleman Biophysics offers Metabolic Health Testing to promote health at the cellular level in a wide range of areas for:

  • Adjusting Weight Management strategy
  • Boosting Physical Energy & Vitality
  • Promoting Anti-Aging to yield measurable improvements to Longevity
  • Achieving an Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle
  • Optimizing measurable Aerobic Fitness
  • Improving Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Reducing Risk Factors for Age-Related Disease


Metabolic Health Testing lets you:

  1. Assess your current cellular energy production
  2. Monitor improvements to cellular energy production resulting from lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, and targeted supplements.

These test data are analyzed to develop a scientifically individualized plan for metabolic results.


Your Personal Action Plan        

Metabolic Testing and Analysis produces a personalized metabolic action plan for:

  • Diet Modifications
  • Slowing metabolic aging
  • Optimal Aerobic Exercise protocol
  • Optimal Strength Exercise protocol
  • Optimal Metabolic Supplementation (if needed)

These analysis findings work synergistically to build mitochondrial production efficiency, mitochondrial size, and also the number of mitochondria per cell… this is how you increase cellular energy output to produce optimal health at the cellular level.


Metabolic Health Assessment Report

The Metabolic Test Report assesses the following:

  1. Identifies your ideal body weight for optimizing wellness.
  2. Measures your actual Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to determine precise total daily caloric intake.
  3. Measures BMR related metrics to flag possible concerns about metabolism-related hormones to be investigated further by your personal healthcare professional. This has targeted many to follow up with their personal doctor to discover hormone anomalies affecting metabolism, that otherwise, could have gone unnoticed.
  4. Modifications to daily macronutrient thresholds for Carbohydrate, Protein, and healthy Fats in order to push through a weight-loss plateau.
  5. Measures cellular Fat Oxidation rates to quantify mitochondrial health, and identifies any cellular energy cofactor deficiencies that can be improved through targeted natural supplements.
  6. Measures total cellular aerobic energy production to assess aerobic fitness.
  7. All key cellular metabolic metrics are compared to age-correlated norms to assess rate-of-aging, and metabolic risk factors for age-related diseases.
  8. Estimate of level of cellular metabolic improvements to be possible.
  9. Retesting to compare past test results to assess effectiveness of Diet, Supplementation, and Aerobic Exercise plans being followed.


Discover Your Metabolic Profile

Call Holleman Biophysics today at 770-734-0226 to set-up an appointment to get started. Metabolic Health Testing - 120 minutes $450

Metabolic Health Testing is only be conducted at our office lab facility. There are two phases to our Metabolic Health Testing - the rest test, and the exercise test; please arrive in exercise attire.

1.  This test requires fasting for 12 hours prior to your appointment time.  
2.  Appointment start times:  8am and 10am.  Please let our office know if you require an adjustment to this schedule.
3.  Your test results will be delivered in a separate appointment (no charge) called Review of Test Report.