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Scientific Advantage for Metabolic Results        

Holleman Biophysics services optimize cellular energy production to produce metabolic results to help you meet your health goals in any of the following areas:                                                                                                                                                       

  • Weight Loss & Weight Management

  • Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle

  • Physical Energy & Vitality

  • Anti-Aging & Longevity

  • Age-related Disease Risk Management

  • Optimal Aerobic Fitness

  • Athletic Performance & Endurance

Holleman Biophysics services scientifically designed and individualized to improve your personal energy at the cellular level:

Ketogenic diet boosts cellular energy

Ketogenic diet boosts cellular energy

Ketogenic Diet Consult - Service

The Ketogenic Diet Consult incorporates the latest research on low carbohydrate diets. You will learn all of the practical aspects to properly implement the Ketogenic Diet on a daily basis. The many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet include:

  • Safe & effective weight loss

  • Increased energy & vitality

  • Anti-inflammation lifestyle


Your cellular energy is effected by your diet, because what you eat is the fuel for energy production in the cell. The Ketogenic Diet is a low carbohydrate diet that is a key strategy for optimizing mitochondrial function. and cellular energy production.

Holleman Biophysics is careful to incorporate the latest research on ketogenic diets, which is why our individualized diet plans are effective for promoting optimal cellular energy. The Ketogenic Diet produces the most efficient fuel for your cells' metabolism which is the reason for its many health benefits.

Now is the time to start your individualized nutrition plan to experience amazing metabolic results.

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Measure how efficiently your mitochondria are producing energy

Measure how efficiently your mitochondria are producing energy

Metabolic Health Testing - Service

Metabolic Health Testing provides a quantitative way to noninvasively measure cellular energy production for assessing mitochondrial function and its implications.  Your specific test data is analyzed to make metabolic calculations for:

  • Scientifically determining nutrition factors to optimize diet which is your cellular fuel for energy production.

  • Scientifically determining an optimal aerobic exercise protocol based on heart rates metabolically calculated to improve your cellular energy output.

  • Metabolic supplement plan to address any discovered cellular energy cofactor deficiencies.

  • Creating an metabolic assessment baseline to compare with future testing measurements to verify mitochondrial function gains due to recommended lifestyle changes to diet, exercise, and supplementation.

  • Identifying mitochondrial function and cellular energy production anomalies to followup about with your doctor.

  • Scientifically determine dietary modifications necessary to breakthrough any weight loss plateau.

  • Detailed action plan for increasing Energy, Vitality, and Endurance from the cellular level on up.

Your cellular energy production may be operating at less than your full genetic potential, and most likely, you may not even know it. We can test your mitochondrial function to know for sure what needs improving and how to improve it. If there is room for improvement, we can determine that and measure the extent of your need. Then we can show you what to do about it with an tailored action plan that can be measured to verify efficacy ongoing.

Functioning at less than optimal cellular energy long-term (years) will eventually take its toll on your health. This is because lower efficiency in cellular energy production increases oxidative damage to the cell. The cumulative effect of oxidative damage, particularly to the mitochondria, is what actually constitutes the aging process. Therefore, improving cellular energy production efficiency in the mitochondria slows the aging process. Slowing the aging process lowers risk for age-related diseases associated with metabolic decline.

Holleman Biophysics can test for metabolic decline long before disease manifests. Schedule your test today.

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Learn advanced strategies to optimize your metabolic health

Learn advanced strategies to optimize your metabolic health

Client Advocate Consult - Service

Holleman Biophysics also offers a Client Advocate Consult which provides coaching in metabolic health issues. The consult aims to better prepare patients to be more informed when interacting with their current healthcare professional.

Studies show that informed patients encourage better medical outcomes.

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